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About Us

At, we always make sure that you have a good reason to choose us. We know there are a number of insurance companies springing up that use direct mail only or toll free phone numbers to increase business. Instead of having a personal agent, the customer deals direct with the insurance company - there is no personal insurance agent. Did you ever think about what you lose when this happens? You spend several hours of your valuable time to research for a health insurance plan and at the end you may get some insurance company’s biased recommendation which may not meet your personal need or budget.

At we contract with all major health insurance carriers and we help you get the best possible health insurance plan at the least possible cost by giving our unbiased suggestion.  It does not make a difference for us whether you choose one company or another.  And best of all we provide our services free of charge.  You pay the same premium for the same plan whether you buy direct from the insurance company or choose us as your insurance agent to help you in this process.


Knowledge and Professionalism

All our health insurance agents undergo a rigorous training program before they are able to recommend their first health insurance plan. All agents must pass licensing exams given by the state government. In addition to the personal training sessions, we have regular weekly training sessions to make sure every agent and employee is up to date with any changes in the health insurance programs or in the health insurance industry in general.  We use our professional expertise to make sure you receive the best health insurance coverage suited to your needs at the best possible price.



Every lifestyle, every financial situation, and thus every insurance need is different. At, we understand this. As a result, there are literally hundreds of health insurance plans available for every situation. We are familiar with every possibility, and we will work with you to find the policy that meets your special health insurance needs at the best possible price. You don't have to shop for lower rates because we do it for you, free of charge. We represent every major health insurance company in the states we operate and with our state of the art computer rating system we compare rates with all the companies we represent by touch of a button.


And most important, the 'personal touch'

Your agent is more than just a business associate: Your agent is your friend. He or she will work closely with you to provide you not only the best possible health insurance, based on your needs, but to be on your side at all times.  He or she will help you get your policy issued, help you get answers to your health insurance claims questions, or to answer any of your health insurance questions or concerns.


State of the Art Online Technology

With our state of the Art online tools we give you the ability to compare health insurance plans offered by all major health insurance carriers in one simple step, and submit your application at your convenience.  These online tools will help you get answers to many of your questions and provide detail information about every health insurance plan offered.


Why do business with

What you want:

1.        Personal service from friendly, knowledgeable staff.

2.        Honest unbiased advice for your health insurance needs.

3.        Annual reviews to keep your coverage up to date.

4.        Competitive rates and plans year in and year out. 

5.        Online technology to handle your health insurance needs at your convenience.